Grandfather started his business back in the 1940’s and today it thrives as a family-run concern, which makes us one of the oldest independent auto-repair workshops on the island. At Borg Garage we pride ourselves in our third generation experience in the matter of motor vehicles and the supply of auto-parts. We started importing auto-parts way back in 1994, bringing to the islands the then well-known brand of Allied Signal (Honeywell), now known as Bendix, Jurid & Autolite. This brand gave due recognition to our sales performance over the years and we have achieved the trust of our clients for our ability of supplying top auto-parts brands such as Bosch and TRW.


Today our premises enjoy the latest technology and equipment and our performance is regularly boosted with regular training abroad, where we gain that much extra know-how. From importing uniquely EU branded auto-parts, we have now expanded to import also Asian brands due to the increased influx of Asian vehicles on the market. We remain determined to import top brands and products and provide the best possible service to our clients. This we do with pride in a bid to maintain our reputation as we have done successfully over the past 60 - 70 years, and to extend further as we look to the future and the promise of a fourth generation growing in the business.